Milano novelties 2015

Milano novelties 2015

Piano Lamp / pendant and table lamp

The new Piano Lamp revives the principle of a classic piano lamp and transforms it into a cheerful and universal light fitting for contemporary interiors.
New Piano designer collection from our design studio which includes a pendant and table lamp derived from the shape and function of old piano lamps. The designers were inspired by this classic piece and morphed it into a modern light fitting which is simple in shape, yet boasts decorative details. At first glance the smooth metal top of the light appears not to belong to the bottom part of the cut glass. This contrast adds a sense of energy to the light while at the same time conveying a cute and timeless feel. The large screws at the sides offer an interesting and witty detail. “We wanted to add a touch of exaggeration to the lamp,” the designers add. It is playful both in terms of the cut and the light which the Piano Lamp offers when lit up. The basic collection features black and white versions of the lamp with additional versions in several playful pastel colours.

To be Concrete / mobile furniture collection

The name To Be Concrete refers to the material – concrete – which comprises the basis of the new minimalist furniture collection from our studio. The main inspiration for creating the furniture set which comprises a mirror and tables, was the principle of switching off wires on a railway using hoists and concrete weights. “We basically just took this simple method whereby precast concrete products act as weights, and transferred it to furniture”. Metal forms an important raw material for the collection, used to make the basic parts of the furniture which are clean and simple in terms of shape. The lines and proportional work also form a distinctive motif of the piece. “We like playing with disproportions which frequently leads to a wonderful aesthetic result”. This distinctive feature is evident both on the large round mirror which can be moved around on a metal ‘stem’ as well as the side tables.

Balance of Beauty

The beauty of a person can be fleeting. As opposed to timeless design solutions, it can easily be lost or gained (whether we use a perfect make-up or not). It can even, in a moment of bliss, be discovered within oneself. However, even if that happens, it still does not lose its inconsistence. The simplicity of the Balance of Beauty collection provides the reflection of beauty with a solid point. Like hourglass, the inner part of a symmetric hemisphere is loaded with sand whose rolling motion enables the mirrors to be set to the right angle. The fact that the mirror is constructed in such a way that it needs no base makes it possible for the designers to implement a rather impressive solution: the hemisphere only touches the base at one point which looks incredibly elegant and airy. According to the original propositions, the collection consists of a series of three inconsistently sized objects whose different sizes complement one another. 

Limited edition
Designed by Jan Plechac&Henry Wielgus
Photo by Martin Chum